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Coaching sessions for Matric and Intermediate classes are regularly offered at all Impact Academy  campuses. In these sessions our teachers focuses on building strong foundations and concepts of our students and cover all subject courses within due time.

Regular coaching sessions for 9th class start right after the completion of 8th class board exams. Similarly, coaching sessions for 10th class start right after the completion of 9th class board exams, 1st year coaching sessions start right after the completion of 10th board exams and 2nd year coaching sessions starts after 1st year board exams respectively.

Revision and Test Sessions

Lectures, Tests, Discussions

No exam preparation is complete without revision and tests. Keeping this aspect in view, Impact Academy covers its regular coaching courses well in time and then offers Revision and Test sessions every year.

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth..

These Revision and Test sessions usually commence in December for Metric classes while in January for Intermediate.

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What Makes Us Prominent

  • Deep Knowledge
  • Great Education
  • Good Personality
  • Friendliness
  • Congeniality
  • Good Communicator
  • Good Listener
  • Sense of Humor
  • Kindness
  • Clear Objectives
  • Effective Discipline
  • High Expectations

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These sessions are aimed at making up for any shortcomings in the students’ preparation, as it provides the students a chance to consolidate their concepts by quick revision and tests.

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Prefer to make your registration via phone? Give us a call! You can contact us between 08am and 10pm ever day of the week. Our Phone number is +92 321 2286654

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